Choosing a Volunteer Program to Teach English in Africa

You know two things: You keep finding your gaze drift over to the continent of Africa as you search for your next big adventure, and you're certain that teaching English abroad is the way that you want to make your impact. When you teach English in Africa with Cross-Cultural Solutions, you're supporting our partner organizations in their efforts to provide better access to education for children and adults alike. But you may be wondering, "How can I choose between Morocco and Tanzania?" These are the right questions to ask; Africa is a massive and incredibly diverse continent.


Humanitarian work abroad with Cross-Cultural Solutions

Cross-Cultural Solutions is a mission-driven organization, and one of our core values—something connected to everything we do, and every decision that we make—is Shared Humanity. As a proud CCS alumnus, I can say from experience that every moment abroad with CCS involves a chance to connect with the people around you. Even when you're not busy volunteering, everything you do during your time in-country with CCS helps to build bridges of understanding.


Contribute the right way - Volunteer abroad with Cross-Cultural Solutions

If you’re a passionate international volunteer, chances are, you’ve wondered about the long-term impact of your efforts. Am I doing it right? Am I doing it smart? Am I helping to make a real and lasting change? Here's what I can tell you without reservation. Smart volunteering abroad makes a positive difference in the lives of the individuals you're working to support.


My 4 weeks teaching abroad in Thailand with Cross-Cultural Solutions

Volunteering with Cross-Cultural Solutions in Bangkok, Thailand far exceeded my expectations. By the end of my four weeks, I had developed serious connections with the students and staff members at the school for children with disabilities where I was teaching. The initial, and occasionally overwhelming feeling of being the new kid in a busy school had long since faded, and almost without my realizing it, I had become a trusted member of the school community. A lot can happen in four weeks.



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