Who's Your Vinny?

by Paul Cassetti

Recently, I went to my auto mechanic, Vinny, to get my car inspected.

I’ve known Vinny for over 20 years; he’s a small business owner with only about six mechanics on staff. Vinny knows what I do for a living—that I’m an accountant for a charitable organization.


Think Higher, Feel Deeper

A year after their daughter’s tragic death, Todd and Michelle Willen are now inspiring young people to “Live Like Ally” by offering scholarships for life-changing travel experiences to help make the world a better place. Cross-Cultural Solutions is proud to partner with the Live Like Ally Foundation in carrying on her legacy.


The Fundraising Process

fundraising for my trip to Costa Rica by AlexWhat would you do if you had unlimited funds? I would travel the world and live the life I often envisioned for myself, among other things. What if you did not have unlimited funds? Does that mean that you cannot do the things that you want to do? Absolutely not! It is my personal belief that if one has a passion for something, then one can do anything that one sets their mind to.


I funded 97% of my trip with an email!

postcard from Peru with Cross-Cultural SolutionsI had considered this trip for a while (you can ask Taylor). I knew I had the vacation time accrued, but the fundraising was the most daunting part for me.

I brought it up to my boss and she committed $300 there and then and blocked off the vacation time. With that catalyst and start in the fundraising, I felt encouraged and realized that it was doable so I emailed everyone I knew.


5 Ways to Fundraise: Volunteer

You're an international volunteer with the desire to make an impact, and have a little fun along the way. You've done your research and have concluded that Cross-Cultural Solutions is the safest, most reputable organization around. So what's next? It's time to start raising funds for your big adventure. Here are a few creative ways to get started.


My most successful fundraiser.

My most successful fundraiser was a girl’s only event held at a local hunt club. I sent out flyers to my parent’s friends, all my girlfriends, and every woman I ran into including the mail delivery person. I also created a Facebook event and invited every female on my Friends list. Social media really helped to spread the word about the fundraiser. I included a link to MyCCS page, in case friends could not make the event but wanted to help.


Try our "Fund Your Trip" tool and save

We've always had some pretty great funding tips to help you save for your volunteer abroad adventure with Cross-Cultural Solutions. Well now there's a brand new place on our website where you can access all of that information, as well as a handy set of tolls that you can put to use and start saving toward your program contribution today!


End-of-year ways to save

It's almost 2014 and whether you've already put down your deposit and are preparing for your life-changing volunteer experience with Cross-Cultural Solutions, or you're dreaming of ways to make 2014 the year you achieve your goal of becoming an international game-changer, we've got some helpful tips for you! This post is dedicated specifically to helping you find end-of-year ways to save up for your CCS program.



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