A Little Love, A Little Time

by Peru Volunteer Jeri Russell

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was a young stewardess working for Pan American, traveling the world. We flew into Liberia Africa for what was my first time. As we landed the large 747 at midnight, we were met by a crowd of orphans. Not pictures of big eyed orphans but real children; hungry babies alone in the night. I saw how the crew helped these kids, each flight. A little help, a little love, a little time, every time. The power of that experience was a game changer and one all humans should have; knowing we each CAN help.


My version of a “Bucket List”

Way back in 1988, I sat on my living room couch and made a list of what I wanted to do during my lifetime. This was my version of a “Bucket List” long before the movie. On this lofty list of over thirty things, I wrote ideas such as have a baby, learn a foreign language, teach a child to read, make a new friend every year, and run a marathon. My list, now resembling a worn-out piece of paper and barely legible to read resides in my wallet and is pulled out, read and reviewed, often. It has become my life plan.


A Grandmother's Perspective: Part 2

In the Fall of 2011, my daughter decided to volunteer with Cross-Cultural Solutions in Guatemala. She invited me to accompany her, and though I was hesitant at first, she wouldn't take no for an answer. She convinced me that volunteering in Guatemala would be a wonderful experience. She then said that her two grown children—my eldest grandchildren—were also going.


My Family is a CCS Family

When my children Emilie and Marc were teens, we decided to volunteer as a family with Cross-Cultural Solutions in Lima, Peru. CCS offered Emilie and Marc the freedom to have their own volunteer assignments. This means that they were able to have their own independent adventures at their volunteer sites during the day, and each night at dinner, we'd all sit down and share our stories.

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