Welcome CCS Alums!

Welcome CCS Alums. By volunteering with CCS, you’ve all done something pretty amazing with your lives. No doubt, you had a truly positive impact as a CCS volunteer. Now you can have exponentially more impact as a CCS Alumni Ambassador (CCS AA). And it’s basically as simple as sharing your story.

Your first volunteer experience may have ended. But your impact is just beginning.

The CCS Alumni Ambassador program is your next step:

  • CCS needs you. Recruiting new volunteers is harder than you might expect. And by far, the best recruitment method is a great CCS alum who shares her/his experience with others. After all, we know that YOU are the best people on the planet to inform people about our programs.
  • Our partners need you Without you, our mission cannot thrive, and our support to the communities in which you volunteer cannot be sustainable.
  • Our movement needs you. For some years now, total international volunteering numbers have been shrinking, so our movement needs its most passionate members to step forward.
  • The world needs you. Every day in places around the world, we’re reminded of the prevalence of prejudice, discrimination, ignorance, and mistrust. International volunteering breaks those problems down and replaces those ugly realities with better ones like trust, cooperation, shared humanity, and compassion.
The CCS Alumni Ambassador program

CCS has designed a variety of programs in hopes that one or more of the programs fits nicely into your lifestyle. Please scan the programs and click to learn more when you see something interesting



Host an Info Session- CCS helps you plan an event in your town or on your campus. We even help get people there.The CCS Alumni Ambassador program

Cool because

CCS almost always has a list of people nearby who will want to come and hear you speak. You just have to tell your story and earn $250 in future CCS program credits.
Next Step
E.g., 04:23 PM

Prospective volunteers are often dying to hear about the experience from a real, live, person who’s been there. That’s you. We keep records of interested people. When you agree to do an info session, you just complete this form. Then we’ll coach you through preparing your presentation. We’ll do most of the work to get the word out, though you may want to invite some folks of your own. And then you just make the presentation, pass around a sign-up sheet so we know who was there. And we’ll credit your account for $250.

Info Sessions are our most historically successful alumni activity. So sign up now! You might just change a life forever.

Example Story :

Sam is alum of CCS’ Brazil program. For him, the trip was a life changer. He loves telling the story of his experience to others, and feels a real sense of responsibility to the orphanage at which he volunteered. So he jumped at the opportunity to do an info session. After completing the form, he was contacted by a CCS staffer. The staffer sent him a presentation shell, making it easy for Sam to deliver the right messages while also incorporating his own personal story, complete with his photos. A location for the Info Session was agreed upon. CCS sent out invitations to people in the area. With about 20 people in attendance, Sam’s presentation was a hit! Two signed up for CCS programs, one in the same Brazilian orphanage where Sam volunteered.

Sam received his $250 credit and plans to do more info sessions. He also has two close friends who want to volunteer with CCS, so Sam’s already on the path toward having one-third of his next CCS experience funded.

Please see the Terms and Conditions section at the bottom of the alumni page.


Adopt a High School - Encourage students at a local high school to learn more about CCS and enroll for programs. Meet school leaders, give presentations to parent groups, and get students excited about volunteering internationally!The CCS Alumni Ambassador program

Cool because

You can inspire the next generation of game-changers and offer $500 CCS scholarships. You’ll earn $350 in program credits for every CCS volunteer who emerges from that school.
Next Step

Do you ever wish that others around you shared the perspective that you gained through your CCS experience? Here’s your chance to expose young people to something most people don’t even know is possible.

Here’s what we mean by Adopt-a-High-School. Just send us the name of a high school. Now, as far as CCS is concerned, it’s yours – your turf to promote the life-changing CCS volunteer experience. We’ll provide you with tips about who to meet with, what to present, etc. And as students from that high school enroll and complete our program, you’ll build up credits for your next CCS experience.

So complete this form. And we’ll be in touch to provide assistance.

Example Story :

Rachel is alum of the CCS Ghana program. She loved Africa, and seeing what life is like there has changed her forever. She lives near Lassiter High School and loves the idea that Lassiter students might also become CCS volunteers. She fills out the form here. Next, she receives an email from CCS describing how best to engage a high school about the prospect of volunteering. As the email suggested, Rachel visits the high school and quickly finds out that Mr. Ristau, Lassiter’s Spanish teacher, leads an annual trip to Latin America with 10 of his students. Rachel speaks with Mr. Ristau, who’s very excited about the concept of service learning. And even more excited that four of his students can earn $500 scholarships. Rachel puts Mr. Ristau in touch with CCS. The scholarships are awarded. Mr. Ristau, who goes for free, takes 10 students to Costa-Rica for a fabulous volunteering/language immersion experience of a lifetime.

Based on 11 successful referrals, Rachel racks up $3850 in CCS program credits. She’s now planning her next African adventure, this time to Morocco, and thrilled that she’s going for free.

Please see the Terms and Conditions section at the bottom of the alumni page.


Refer-a-Friend - Talk to friends, family, groups, and others who might be interested in volunteering internationally, and formally refer them to CCS.The CCS Alumni Ambassador program

Cool because

Your “referee” gets a $350 discount on a CCS program, and you earn $350 in CCS program credits for each referral.
Next Step

It doesn’t get any simpler than this. Use this form to refer-a-friend. If your referral enrolls with us at some point in the future, we’ll credit your account.

Go ahead. Refer as many as you like. Because if they enroll before you refer them, you lose your shot at credits. And by the way, you don’t have to do all the work yourself. We’re standing by – happy to help persuade someone you know that this could be one of those pivotal moments, for them and for somebody else too.

Example Story :

Kaitlyn is an alum of the CCS Guatemala program. And after returning home, she couldn’t stop talking about her experience. That was all it took. Two of her closest friends were obviously intrigued about having a similar experience. Kaitlyn completed the form here, formally referring her friends. She put them in touch with CCS. CCS explained that with Kaitlyn’s referral, each would be entitled to a $350 discount on a CCS program. Long story short, they enrolled and were grateful to Kaitlyn for passing along the referral discount.

After her friends returned from their CCS volunteering experience, Kaitlyn received a $700 credit toward her next CCS program. And importantly, each of her friends also referred friends of their own, ensuring a steady flow of volunteer service to the community in Guatemala. And that’s how sustainable volunteering works. Because of Kaitlyn there are second, third and fourth generations of volunteers in Guatemala. And the result is better English language abilities there, making that community a more viable spot for business. Lives transformed!

Please see the Terms and Conditions section at the bottom of the alumni page.


Organize an alumni Group- Perfect for an alumni- led group of any size from colleagues, family members, service clubs, students, or alternative spring breakers. Our Alumni Engagement Specialist will help you design the perfect program. We have some great options for you and your entire group of alumni or friends. Share your next amazing volunteer experience and best part is, the alumni group leader (that’s you) goes for free!The CCS Alumni Ambassador program

Cool because

As an alumni, you can custom design a program for your group. With potential discounts, the adventure becomes more and more affordable as additional members join. AND, remember, you go for free!
Next Step

Here’s your chance to make a BIG difference, and re-experience CCS for free. This is a program for student-led volunteering adventures. This will take some efforts, but the benefits are enormous. By organizing a small group, you can customize your program, go for free, and enable your group members to experience CCS for a fraction of the normal cost.

After signing up here, we’ll help you plan a customized trip for your group. Maybe you want to focus your volunteering on women’s empowerment. Maybe you’ve got a green thumb and want to help with the planting of food-producing gardens. Or maybe you go to an art school and know your classmates would be thrilled to use their abilities in service to others. No idea is too crazy. Try us.

Example Story :

Joe is an alum of CCS Brazil, and he’s a passionate soccer player. After learning that the World Cup would be there, Joe filled out the form here and started the process. He was put in touch with Vini, our country director in Peru. Joe told Vini about his idea, and Vini loved it. While Joe was convincing seven of his soccer mates to join him on the trip, Vini was organizing soccer-based volunteering opportunities in the favelas of Salvador.

While in Brazil, Joe and his seven friends volunteered daily in child care centers. Of course, the kids were thrilled to kick the soccer ball around at every opportunity. In the afternoons, Joes’ group played organized games with a top-notch soccer club from the area. And yes, Joe and his group went to two World Cup games. Soccer immersion, volunteer service, the World Cup… Joe’s vision was indeed a great one!

Please see the Terms and Conditions section at the bottom of the alumni page.


Become a CCS Reference - People call us regularly and want to speak witha CCS alum. You just sign up and we’ll send the calls to you.The CCS Alumni Ambassador program

Cool because

You can do it from home, just by picking up the phone and talking about CCS. You’ll earn $100 in CCS program credits for one year of service as a reference.
Next Step

Really simple, but very impactful. People call CCS and understandably, before they enroll, they want to speak with a past participant. With this program, you’re simply agreeing to take these calls. Because we have a roster of people who do so, you won’t get an avalanche of calls, just one every week or so. It’s a great opportunity to simply relay your experience, and maybe change a life forever.

Example Story :

Scott took a sabbatical and spent two weeks volunteering with CCS in 2012. After doing so, he returned to work with a new perspective and a new energy. His enduring thought was that more people should do the same. So he signed up here to act as a CCS reference.

He took several calls over the first month, and then one day he was called by Colleen. As it turns out, Colleen was unhappy and not at all sure about what to do with her future. Scott relayed his story. Colleen enrolled with CCS and volunteered in Morocco. The experience changed her life direction. She committed herself to helping others, and the outcome was a happy life, enriched by the joy of focusing on others rather than herself.

And just maybe, Scott made all the difference.


Become a CCS Campus Rep - For students interested in a part-time job-like engagement, we have a robust Campus Rep portal where you can find a variety of campus-ready promotional activities. Examples include postering, club meeting presentations, stocking brochure racks, etc.The CCS Alumni Ambassador program

Cool because

The campus rep programs are turnkey and the materials are ready to ship. Each activity earns you various levels of CCS program credits.
Next Step

Becoming a CCS Campus Representative is a commitment to bring CCS programs to your campus, both faculty and students. We’re calling our most passionate, creative, inspiring CCS alumni to become leaders on your campus to spread the word about international volunteering. Each week, you’ll be given a new challenge, which will take less than 5 hours to complete. For each challenge that you complete, you’ll be awarded credit toward a future CCS program. Some tasks can earn as much as $250 in CCS credit. So, by the end of your semester, you might have enough to cover your full CCS program fee!

Example Story :

Marsha volunteered with Cross-Cultural Solutions between her freshman and sophomore year in college. Now that she’s back on campus, she wants to continue on with her life-changing experience, and bring this to her campus. So, she applied to become a CCS Campus Representative, had a phone interview, and was accepted!

On campus, Marsha is provided with a challenge through email each week, and logs into the CCS Alumni Portal to view more information. Each week, by completing the challenge and submitting her completion materials online, she earns credit toward a future CCS program. On week 1, Marsha visits her study abroad office and introduces her CCS experience to the student advisors. On the second week, Marsha posters the student union and international studies office with CCS materials. On the third week, Marsha hosts an information session on campus to talk about CCS to interested students. Each week is a completely different challenge, and Marsha can connect with other Campus Reps nationwide to brainstorm unique ideas to contribute on campus.

Application Form

You’re a game-changer. A world rocker. An international volunteer.

You’ve invested your passion in something bigger, something that can spark a change. Your Cross-Cultural Solutions volunteer experience was the adventure of a lifetime and a chance to shape your path and impact the lives of others. You think that you’ve already changed everything, but I’ve got news for you: that was only just the beginning!

When you volunteered with CCS, you chose the path less traveled. Now it’s time to share your story with your campus by becoming an Alumni Campus Rep.

We know that we’re pretty lucky to have found an intrepid volunteer like you. But our mission is too important to rely on “luck” alone. So we have to work hard to be sure that others discover us, and we need to leverage our greatest assets to get the message out. And that’s where you, and the CCS Alumni Campus Rep Program, come in! So we’ve worked out a win-win. We’ve got the perfect opportunity for you to help us accomplish our mission while we help you by compensating you for your efforts. The CCS Alumni Campus Rep Program is an exciting opportunity for us both.

Fill out the application below and I will reach out to you for a phone-interview. The application period for Fall 2014 is currently underway and will be open until 9/15/2014.

Other Alumni Opportunities
  • If you’re in college, you can represent CCS on your campus and volunteer again for free!
  • Each year, CCS selects six alumni for Program Specialist positions in Panama.
  • Share your volunteer experience at www.crossculturalsolutions.org/share and receive a one-time $100 credit for any submission (i.e., photos, videos, or writing) CCS uses for promotional materials.

Success Stories

The CCS Alumni Ambassador program

Emma volunteered with CCS in Tanzania in 2013. Upon returning home, she became a CCS AA. In 2014, she took a CCS group of 6 friends back to Tanzania for one week. She also adopted her high school and 3 teens enrolled in CCS programs.

Because of Emma’s efforts:
Efforts Arrow
  • A High School in Tanzania now has a vegetable garden, and 3 children learned enough English to qualify for secondary school
  • Her 6 sorority sisters had the experience of a lifetime for $1300 each, half the cost of a normal program. And Emma returned to Tanzania for free.
  • 3 high school students developed new life perspectives, having earned scholarships and discounts to partially fund their CCS experiences.
  • Emma was CCS’ April Volunteer of the Month
  • Emma also received a $1050 in future CCS program credits. She’s now trying to pick a destination for her third CCS adventure.

Terms and Conditions for credits and discounts

Learn More

CCS Alumni Ambassador - Terms & Conditions

Specific activities, as part of the CCS Alumni Ambassador program, allow alumni of CCS programs to earn credit toward a future CCS program. The terms and conditions for each of these programs are outlined below.

All credit-earning Alumni Ambassador activities must be completed by a CCS alumnus who successfully completed a CCS international volunteer program. Credit cannot be earned prior to participation in a CCS program. All credit toward a program will be valid for 2 years from the date the credit is earned, and can only be used toward the program fee of a CCS international volunteer program. Credit cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be used toward the deposit of $350 toward your enrollment in an international volunteer program. Credits can only be used by the CCS alumni who completed the CCS program, and are not transferrable.

Credits earned through alumni program activities CANNOT be combined with any other discounts, including group discounts, offered by Cross-Cultural Solutions, with the exception of the alumni discount. A referral credit can only be earned once per referred participant – more than one referral credit cannot be earned for the same participant. 

CCS Refer-a-Friend Program

CCS alumni may refer a prospective volunteer to participate in a CCS program. All referrals will be verified against our system for existing inquiries. Should the prospective volunteer have previously inquired about a CCS program or had previous communication with CCS, this will NOT be considered a referral. All referrals must be new, first-time inquiries made to Cross-Cultural Solutions.

A referral must be made by completing the referral form before the prospective volunteer inquires about CCS programs. Referrals are made by providing the individual’s first and last name, email address, and other required details into the referral form provided on the alumni section of the Cross-Cultural Solutions website. If an alumnus fails to complete the referral form before the individual inquires about a program, the referral credit will not be awarded.

Cross-Cultural Solutions reserves the right to contact the individual referred to the program, and to use the referrers name in communication with the individual referred.

Credit is earned for a referral made by an alumnus after the referred volunteer completes their first CCS program. Additional credits will not be earned for subsequent CCS programs completed by the referred volunteer. Should the referred volunteer cancel their program, the credit will not be issued to the alumni.

For prospective volunteers that have been referred to Cross-Cultural Solutions as per the terms described above, and who enroll in and complete a CCS program, the alumni who referred the volunteer will earn $350 credit toward a future CCS program (not to be used in lieu of the deposit). The volunteer who is referred by a CCS alumnus will also earn $350 credit toward their first CCS program (not to be used in lieu of the deposit).

CCS Adopt-A-High School

CCS alumni are invited to identify high schools in their area and reach out to them regarding CCS High School Volunteer Abroad and international volunteer programs available to teens and adults. Through enrollments received from students who currently attend your area high school, alumni have the opportunity to earn credit toward a future CCS program.

To nominate the high school you would like to work with, complete the form on the Cross-Cultural Solutions website to adopt a high school. Once your submission is received, it will be reviewed to ensure your nominated high school is not currently “adopted” by another CCS alumnus. If the high school is not currently “adopted”, you will receive a confirmation email that that high school has been “adopted” by you. This high school will be assigned to you starting on the date the confirmation email is sent from Cross-Cultural Solutions, and will be effective for one full calendar year.

Any enrollments received to a CCS program from current students who indicate that they attend the high school that the alumni has “adopted” will result in a $350 credit to the alumni account for a future CCS program, unless that student is an existing alumni of the CCS program or if the student has been previously referred to Cross-Cultural Solutions through another alumni program. The student must have enrolled in a CCS program after the alumni received confirmation that the school they nominated has been “adopted” by them. For a group (4 or more) of students that enroll on the same start date and program from the same high school, a one-time $700 credit will be awarded to the alumni; the alumni will not receive individual credits for each member of the group.

Cross-Cultural Solutions reserves the right to terminate the adoption of a high school early should the alumni be unresponsive, or for any other reason. Should the adoption of a high school be terminated, the alumni will be notified via email. The alumni are expected to visit the high school in person, distribute materials, and engage in other outreach activities when a high school has been adopted.

Referral credits for high school enrollments will be credited at least twice per calendar year – in May and in September, upon successful completion of the CCS program. Should a participant cancel from the program prior to participation, credit cannot be earned.

In addition to the Adopt-A-High-School program, each high school will have the opportunity to offer a $500 scholarship to students who are actively enrolled students in their high school, and who participate in a High School Volunteer Abroad program through Cross-Cultural Solutions. To offer this scholarship, a designated representative from the specific high school must be identified by the CCS alumnus who has adopted the high school, and that designated representative must nominate a currently-enrolled student through email to info@crossculturalsolutions.org. Up to 4 scholarships can be awarded per year to students who participate in a CCS program from any “adopted” high school. Scholarships cannot be kept on file for students who cancel participation in their existing program, or who switch to another program that is not a High School Volunteer Abroad CCS program.

Alumni Group

Please note that each group member must also agree to the Group Terms & Conditions as part of the enrollment process, which can be viewed at http://www.crossculturalsolutions.org/us/terms-and-conditions-for-groups

You’ve Got Questions. We’ve got answers.

Learn More

If you wish to speak to our CCS expert about any aspect of the CCS Alumni Ambassador Program, please reach out to Julie Webb. She can be reached at alumni@crossculturalsolutions.org or at 1-800-380-4777.  

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