Volunteer Abroad with Cross-Cultural Solutions and the Junior League

This Changes Everything.

The Junior League and Cross-Cultural Solutions are going Global.

Cross-Cultural Solutions is a social enterprise working to address critical global issues by providing meaningful volunteer service to communities abroad, and contributing responsibly to local economies. As a leader in the field of international volunteer travel for 20 years, we know that the best approach to International volunteering—the only approach—is one designed by the community.

The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. and Cross-Cultural Solutions have partnered to offer Junior League members incredible, one-of-a-kind opportunities to volunteer internationally! Join us on our exciting journey as we connect with and learn from local people in global communities—a chance to work together to effect real, sustainable change.

“I am thankful to The Association of Junior Leagues International and Cross-Cultural Solutions for the opportunity to turn my dreams into realities. My service trip was beautiful, challenging, fun, impactful, and humbling. I am certain that I gained a deeper appreciation for my life and greater love for my family, friends and country.”
~ Karen Miller, AJLI/CCS trip January 2015


Join Us for a Junior League International Volunteer Trip

Lima, Peru – March 10, 2018

The junior league volunteers abroad in PeruMartincitos is a beloved fixture of the local community in Villa El Salvador. A warm place for seniors to go for socialization, to receive guaranteed meals, and daily support and structure, Martincitos has been a favorite volunteer assignment for over two decades. Many of the seniors are living in tough conditions with little familial support, and our volunteers give much needed services to this population, the gatekeepers of Peru's history.

Tecpan, Guatemala – May 5, 2018

The junior league volunteers abroad in GuatemalaSince the end of its civil war in 1995, Guatemala has made incredible strides as a nation, however, indigenous populations are still faced with less access to resources and discrimination. As a volunteer in Tecpán, you’ll work alongside the Kaqchikel Maya population to advance educational opportunities for children and provide support to alleviate poverty with this indigenous population.

Azrou, Morocco – June 16, 2018

The junior league volunteers abroad in MoroccoIn Morocco, only 20% of girls have a secondary education compared with 30% of boys. Contribute to programs that encourage girls to fulfill their potential, while delivering public health solutions to improve overall well-being. Women undertake more than 7 times as much unpaid work than men. We’re working to empower women through education and support for economic activities

Bagamoyo, Tanzania – July 14, 2018

The junior league volunteers abroad in TanzaniaWork to ensure children can reach their full potential. Universal primary education has drastically increased enrollment with more than 80% of primary school-age children attending, yet the quality of education offered and the increasing student dropout rates are a huge concern. However, just 33% of children enroll in secondary school because they are unable to pass their English exams. Our volunteer work focuses on girls and boys from preschool to teenage years to maximize their education as a pathway out of poverty.

Chalkida, Greece – August 11, 2018

The junior league volunteers abroad in GreeceOf the total 22.5 million refugees in the world today, less than 1 percent have been resettled. Over 62 thousand refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and elsewhere are currently stranded in Greece, living in temporary camp structures while they wait, often indefinitely, for resettlement. After working with other organizations on the ground in the Ritsona refugee camp in Greece, CCS has located an urgent need for volunteers to run the Ritsona distribution center, including managing daily distributions of drinking water, milk, organizing material donations, and operating the boutique wherein camp residents can “shop” for their monthly allocation of clothes and shoes. Providing each of these services not only helps ensure that some of the most basic human needs of residents are being met, but also upholds residents’ senses of agency and dignity.

Plan a League Trip

Cross-Cultural Solutions will work with you to customize a one-of-a-kind trip for your League to make a meaningful difference together in one of nine incredible destinations. Your League will come together to grow and learn through your experiences effecting sustainable change as international volunteers. Embark on a journey full of enriching experiences and meaningful cultural immersion on a customized CCS experience, where you’ll work side-by-side with inspiring community members.

Volunteer Independently

Set off on an experience of a lifetime as an independent volunteer. You can spend a week, a month, or even longer with CCS by joining a start date as a solo traveler, or inviting your friends and family to join in the adventure. Wherever you choose to volunteer, you’ll combine meaningful volunteer work with eye-opening cultural activities for a genuine and immersive experience abroad.


The Junior League Volunteers Abroad with Cross-Cultural Solutions

Program fee and discounts. Program fees vary by destination and length of stay. All Junior League members are eligible for a $400 discount on any program they choose.

For Junior League groups of eight or more, one participant travels free for every seven paying members. The program fee for the 8th free participant will be spread evenly across all group member program fees.

And, for every Junior League international volunteer, CCS will make a $100 donation to AJLI and a $50 donation to the Traveler’s League.

Bring your family and friends! Bring a friend or family member and receive an additional $262 outreach discount. Children 12 and under receive the child discount of $700 off of their program fee.

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Join to learn more about each of the programs and ask questions!

Peru & Guatemala: Tuesday, January 29th at 8 pm eastern
Morocco & Tanzania: Tuesday, February 27th at 5 pm eastern
Greece: Thursday, March 1st at 1:30 pm eastern

RSVP to with your full name, e-mail, and session date to receive details on how to connect via phone or web


Lima, Peru – March 10 – March 17, 2018
Username: AJLI Peru March 2018
Password: peruajli

Tecpan, Guatemala – May 5 – May 12, 2018
Username: AJLI Tecpan
Password: Guatemala2018

Azrou, Morocco – June 16 – June 23, 2018
Username: AJLI Morocco
Password: Azrou2018

Bagamoyo, Tanzania – July 14 – July 21, 2018
Username: AJLI Tanzania
Password: Bagamoyo2018

Chalkida, Greece – August 11 – August 18, 2018
Username: AJLI Greece
Password: Greece2018_

Looking for something different? Please give us a call to enroll in an individual start date, or to discuss custom start dates for your League!


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