Maybe you’ve done some cooking, or at least some eating. If so, you’ve learned that a kind of magic happens when you combine great ingredients in just the right way; a secret sauce. Here at Cross-Cultural Solutions, we've got a secret sauce of our own—except that it’s not secret at all, it’s actually quite transparent. At CCS, each “ingredient” has been refined and improved upon over our 20 year history and through over 35,000 volunteer experiences. A few of our “ingredients":

  1. Our volunteer programs are asked for, and designed by the communities in which we work. CCS knows better than to force our idea of a solution on people who may not want it.
  2. We don’t risk your health or safety by placing you with a host family. Instead, you’ll stay in our Home-Base, where there’s 24-hour security, safe and delicious local food, local transport in CCS vehicles, and other volunteers who are sure to become your lifelong friends.
  3. We also know that you want to soak in the local culture. So we arrange cultural activities to make sure that you’ll forever feel like a real part of the place where you volunteer.

Back to the cooking analogy. Maybe you’ve learned that without the right chef, a dish may never become something special. At CCS, our “chefs” are local professionals, indigenous to the country where you’ll volunteer. And through the power of their experience and their unforgettable personalities, they'll ensure that you return home safe, healthy, satisfied that you made a difference, and invigorated by your immersion into a new culture.

And finally (we promise this is the end of the cooking analogy), many great dishes are oft copied, but seldom replicated. As the virtual inventor of short-term international volunteering, CCS is copied by many, but no other organization can do it like us. For them, it’s just too difficult and too costly.

Please explore what we are all about to appreciate the CCS difference, and how our attention to detail helps us deliver the difference-making adventure of a lifetime.

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