Learn Why CCS is called a “Mini Peace Corps”


Born in 1995, Cross-Cultural Solutions is often referred to as a Peace Corps alternative. Called a “mini Peace Corps” by The New York Times, Cross-Cultural Solutions indeed owes its origin and inspiration to the Peace Corps. For almost two decades since, Cross-Cultural Solutions has recognized the Peace Corps as a leader. We’re proud to offer a complimentary pathway for people around the world to volunteer abroad and help one another.

How do we do this?
Unlike the Peace Corps which is government funded in exchange for your two-year commitment, CCS is funded by volunteers. You have the flexibility to choose where you volunteer, when you volunteer, and which area of volunteering you would like to work. Included in the cost are unique cultural activities that are special to CCS and access to our network of over 30,000 alumni when you return.

Which Experience is Right for You
If you are interested in the Peace Corps but hesitant to commit two or more years, a CCS program is an excellent way to experience international volunteering in a short period of time.

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