International InternshipsIf you're a student looking to combine an international volunteer experience with a one-of-a-kind internship abroad program, our team can help you achieve a balanced program that works for you. We'll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your volunteer abroad program with CCS will be the international internship that you've been searching for!

With CCS, you can volunteer during the morning hours and work on your academic requirements (research paper, presentation, etc.) in the evenings with the help of your Intern Supervisor -- the CCS Country Director. We've had students of social work, public health, political science, and many other disciplines participate in CCS programs to earn internship credit.

Our requirements are flexible; we just ask that you speak with your professor and/or advisor to determine the appropriate international internship experience for you. You may be required to create a learning contract (your advisor or academic department at your university will assist you in developing and refining this contract). We will work with you to ensure your research papers are written, your interviews are collected, and your thesis statements are investigated.


If you have questions on volunteering abroad with CCS while earning internship credit, get in touch with one of our expert Program Specialists. Wondering where the best place is for a healthcare internship? Looking for a community development internship in a Spanish speaking country? These are just the kinds of questions that we're here to answer, so don't be shy!

If you already know where and when you'd like to volunteer and intern, be sure to confirm with your respective academic institution that a CCS international internship will fulfill your academic requirements. Once you've received confirmation from your school, just select your program destination and start date, and enroll!

Once enrolled, a Program Specialist will provide you with dedicated pre-departure support to assist you as you submit proposals and paperwork for your academic institution. And once in-country, your Intern Supervisor will work with you to define your goals and arrange regular meetings, create an official record of service at the culmination of the program, and offer post-program support.

Let us make this work for you! We can discuss your interests and goals for international internships, and develop a personalized internship abroad experience. Contact Us Today.

Check out this video for a firsthand look at the CCS experience:

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