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South America has a distinct pulse and you’ll feel it the moment you arrive to volunteer in Brazil. Whether you find yourself wandering city streets, hiking around prehistoric-looking Amazonian plant life, or dipping your toes in the South Atlantic, prepare to fall in love with all this country and its people have to offer. Volunteer in Brazil for a chance to be immersed in new traditions, cultures, sights, and sounds. In Salvador, you'll find a beautiful cross-section of Afro-Brazilian culture and cuisine. Samba drum beats course through the city's populous neighborhoods, and it's not uncommon to see spontaneous dance parties break out in the streets — so join in!


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Once enrolled, you will have the chance to select the volunteer opportunity that's most interesting to you. Volunteers will always receive their first preference. The only exception to this will be when there are national or school holidays, or there are exceptional circumstances.

When you work with The CCS Education & Literacy Project in Brazil, you’ll support teachers passionate about improving lives through education. From young children developing their educational basics to older students seeking to improve their job prospects through English-language instruction, your work will help individuals living throughout the favelas in Salvador. By bringing informative and fun techniques to the classroom, you will inspire students and teachers alike for years to come in their efforts to improve education across Brazil.

When you work with The CCS Child Development Project in Brazil, you’ll work to support the many single parent households found in the favelas. These families often rely almost entirely on local organizations to provide their children with a basic education, a safe place to stay, and warm meals. This allows single mothers to work long hours to earn money for the family. As you volunteer, you’ll have a chance to support caretakers, educators, and children alike by improving confidence and self-esteem.

When you work with The CCS Aging with Dignity Project in Brazil, you’ll spend your time volunteering to support abandoned elderly women in the favelas. Started by a charity group, our partner organization provides housing, food, healthcare, and love to some of the most marginalized and vulnerable people of Salvador. Love and attention from our volunteers goes a long way toward making their lives better.

When you work with The CCS Support for People with Disabilities Project in Brazil, you’ll volunteer at a school for both children and adults with developmental disabilities. Not only is this school a place where often marginalized community members can get the attention and education they need, it also provides workshops for families to make sure people with disabilities are supported and nurtured at home.

When you work with The CCS HIV/AIDS Project in Brazil, you’ll spend your time helping local people provide care and attention to children and families impacted by the virus. Every day, volunteers in Brazil bring energy and passion, helping to reduce stigma and bolster the self-esteem of those impacted by HIV/AIDS.

Sexual violence against women and girls dehumanizes and devalues the contributions and roles of women in communities. When you work with The CCS Girls' & Women’s Empowerment Project in Brazil, you’ll connect with women impacted by violence and prostitution, providing support through education & literacy projects and income-generating activities. Your work, care, and support of girls and women in a vulnerable situation will go a long way toward re-building self-esteem and improving the lives and livelihoods of each individual.

Healthcare, primarily child health, is a significant issue in Brazil, which continues to experience higher-than-normal infant mortality rates and struggle with insufficient infrastructure in healthcare systems. Through education, improved access to healthcare, and contributing to positive improvements in the social determinants of health, your work in The CCS Global Health Project will provide resources to children, women, and families to improve their own health outcomes. Learn about patient care and resources, as well as the treatment of cancer and HIV/AIDS in communities.

Salvador, Brazil

Accommodation Options

With CCS, you have choices. One of those is about your accommodations. No matter what you choose, you’ll find that with CCS, your accommodations will quickly become a meaningful link between you and your new community.


Choose the CCS Home-Base if you’re looking for an experience that comes with 24-hour security, bilingual staff, an instant community of fellow volunteers, and three authentic meals a day. We think it’s the foolproof choice.

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CCS Volunteer Posts

Hear what the community is saying about CCS!

"The volunteers are so patient with the elderly residents; singing and dancing with them. CCS volunteers make them feel loved by someone."

"Volunteers give our staff and students a chance to interact with somebody from a different language and culture. This is amazing for the self-esteem of the children to whom we provide educational support."

"The CCS volunteers bring happiness and pleasure to our students, and make them eager to learn. The self-esteem of our students has really improved because volunteers are so happy to work with them, and are now a part of their education."

Your Salvador Staff

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Vinicius (Vini) Prado joined the CCS family in 2003. Vini earned his undergraduate in Business Administration in Bahia, Brazil, and then went on to tackle his MBA with a concentration in Social Responsibility. A lifelong resident of Brazil, Vini worked in a myriad of roles to support CCS volunteers and now runs the show as Country Director! Vini's passion for service and for showing you his home state of Bahia will shine through during your experience in Brazil. And, you might find yourself in the kitchen alongside Vini learning to make some delicious Brazilian desserts - he's quickly earning a reputation among CCS volunteers as an incredible cook!
Country Staff

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