Volunteer in Ghana: An Introduction to the Volta Region

Ghana - Meet the family you never knew you had

As a volunteer in Ghana, you'll find a unique richness everywhere you look, from the country's cultural history to its varied expanses of wilderness and coastline. Known for its exceptionally warm national character, Ghana, meaning "Warrior King," is a place where visitors are welcomed as friends. In the Volta Region, home to the Ewe people, you will become family. Become a CCS Ghana volunteer and experience firsthand the culture and tradition of a place that you've only ever dreamed of.

...a place where visitors are welcomed as friends...

The ever-growing population of the Volta Region has resulted in a notable strain on vital social resources. In recent years, many advances have been made to improve healthcare, hygiene, and education. However, malnutrition, disease, and the large economic divide between well-paid workers and low-paid workers have all posed significant obstacles to Ghana's progress. As a volunteer in Ghana, you'll have an opportunity to effect real social change in a community dealing with all of the growing pains experienced by a region in flux.

Volunteer in Ghana and improve education for children, assist with the care of infants and children, improve the quality of care for people with disabilities, or support those affected by HIV/AIDS. As a CCS Ghana volunteer, you'll become an instant part of a warm and welcoming community as you work alongside local individuals in order to address some of their most pressing social issues.

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Your Volta Region Staff

Born and raised in Ghana's Volta Region, Makafui has been with CCS Ghana since its launch in 1998. After earning his bachelor's degree stateside at the University of North Dakota, Makafui established the CCS Hohoe program, and has been steering the ship ever since. When he's not busy with CCS Ghana or showing off his dance moves, Makafui loves to swim, after recently conquering a childhood fear of the water; go, Makafui, go! A dream of his is to build an operational plane out of scrap parts so while in Ghana, keep an eye out for anything he might be able to use.
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