Volunteer in Brazil: An Introduction to Salvador

Beautiful Brazil - Lindo Bonito!

South America has a distinct pulse and you’ll feel it the moment you arrive to volunteer in Brazil. Whether you find yourself wandering city streets, hiking around prehistoric-looking Amazonian plant life, or dipping your toes in the South Atlantic, prepare to fall in love with all this country and its people have to offer. Volunteer in Brazil for a chance to be immersed in new traditions, cultures, sights, and sounds. In Salvador, you'll find a beautiful cross-section of Afro-Brazilian culture and cuisine. Samba drum beats course through the city's populous neighborhoods, and it's not uncommon to see spontaneous dance parties break out in the streets — so join in!

South America has a distinct pulse you’ll feel the moment you arrive.

Due to a significant shortage of jobs, many Salvadorians are forced to leave their homes and families to search for work elsewhere, oftentimes leaving young children and elder relatives behind. This has resulted in a real strain on quality care facilities. As a volunteer in Brazil, you'll work alongside local communities as they work to bridge the economic divide and provide quality care and education for all. Despite obstacles, Salvador residents are known throughout Brazil and the world for their vibrant, optimistic attitude.

Volunteer in Brazil and improve education for children, assist with the care of infants and children, improve health and the sense of dignity among the elderly, improve the quality of care for people with disabilities, or support those affected by HIV/AIDS. When you volunteer in Brazil, you'll have a chance to explore everything that this incredible country has to offer while working to make a real difference in your new community.

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Vinicius (better known as Vini) was born and raised in Salvador, Brazil. He came to CCS in 2003, and since joining the team, he's earned a degree in Business Administration as well as a post-graduate MBA. He came on board with us as the CCS driver in Salvador, but these days (over a decade later), he's running the show! Vini is adored by our volunteers (and by the CCS HQ staff) and we couldn't be happier that he's stepped into the position of Country Director.
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