CCS Campus Clubs can choose from a variety of regions to volunteer abroad — Africa, Central America, or South America — and know that CCS provides a safe and supported environment for people to both serve and learn.

Whether you see your group serving in a large city, shantytown, or rural village, CCS provides a dedicated  Home-Base and  full-time staff in each country. Through volunteer placements structured to address issues that are of importance to you, and our in-country staff, the club will learn about the history, culture, economy, and challenges that each community is facing.

Learn more about each of these communities and how your campus club can make a difference:

  • Volta Region, Ghana 
    Volunteer within a traditional, tribal West African culture on initiatives that benefit children and youth with quality care, education, and skills.
  • Guatemala City, Guatemala 
    Volunteer in the largest city in Central America and work with children or the elderly to improve future prospects and quality of life. 
  • Lima, Peru 
    Volunteer in under-resourced areas of this famous South American city to support social services for children, the elderly, or people with disabilities.

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